CB State of Mind is a grassroots nonprofit organization working to create access to and awareness of mental health resources in Gunnison County, Colorado. They believe that emotional well-being is essential for people and communities to thrive and that mental health is a critical part of living a healthy lifestyle.


Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Creative Services


CB State of Mind approached Blaze as a nonprofit organization that was working collaboratively with other local mental and behavioral health service providers. The group needed help to brand a campaign to destigmatize mental health and addiction issues while bringing awareness to the community of the many different local organizations and service providers available to help those in need.


Blaze created a logo with a powerful, positive message that could be used across print and digital platforms to complement the diverse marketing and materials of all the different groups, as well as creating an annual marketing plan.

Crested Butte State of Mind logo on paper mockup
Crested Butte State of Mind logo on white paper
MacBook Pro website mockup for Crested Butte State of Mind
Close up shot of Crested Butte State of Mind trade show booth
iPhone mockup with screenshot of social media post for Crested Butte State of Mind
MacBook Pro mockup featuring a screenshot of Crested Butte State of Mind brand website

Creative Team: Steve Gibbs Design